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Sima Amid Wewetzer

Sima Amid Wewetzer

Marshall, MN


Sima Amid Wewetzer originates from Tehran,Iran. After completing her studies at the university of art and design in Iran, she came to the United States in 1978 and finished her education at Macomb IIlinois University. Since that time,she has concentrated on her abstract landscape and she created her own technique and exoitc colors of nature. That result in flowing care-free designs with a jewel-like paint quality.

Painting since the age of thirteen, Mrs. Amid Wewetzer feels that her art allows her become one with surroundings in a way that relaxes her and provides her with a tremendous amount of joy and happiness.

That joyousness is conveyed convincingly in the swirling dance-like compositions that use withe areas like glowing stars and constellations in a cosmos burgeoning with explosive energy.

Sima has spent the last 36 years showing her vibrant work. She has had exhibitions from New York to the Iranian Cultural Art show in Beverly Hills to the Sun City Museum of Art in Arizona.


Flowers of paradise # 66


Exotic nature # 56


Exotic flower # 48


Flowers in the vase # 63


Birds of the Ocean # 69.


Exotic Landscape # 70


Exotic Landscape # 74


Exotic flowers # 51.


Exotic Landscape # 53.


Birds in exotic landscape # 57


Exotic landscape # 45


Exotic landscape # 47


Exotic Landscape # 36


Exotic Landscape # 76


Wow- Exotic Landscape


Landscape five hundred


landscape four hundred


Landscape Three hundred


Landscape Twohundred






Loves me Loves me not.


Jesus # 1. Tree of life


Tree of life- Jesus


Birds of Paradise.